May 4, 2011

Discovery Institute president offers perspective on Canadian election

cascadia center staff

Stephen Harper.png

Discovery Institute president Bruce Chapman's assessment of the Canadian elections was published in Seattle-based Crosscut. In the article, Chapman, a thoughtful observer on just about every political election and issue that finds its way into the news cycle, calls the recent election results a "political transformation."

"...[V]oters quietly lurched both right and left simultaneously. They gave Conservatives their first majority government in a generation, yet also elevated the left wing New Democrats (a former fringe in Ottawa) to the stature of leader of the opposition. They also destroyed Quebec's separatists as a national party and reduced the long dominant Liberal party to an electoral after-thought."

Chapman writes that Canada is, "for the first time in many years...dividing along the left-right axis familiar to other Western countries." With regard to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (pictured above), Chapman writes that he " a study in squareness become charisma. It's a great feat for a pol, and he finally accomplished it."

Read the full article, "Canada's election: moving right and moving left" at Crosscut.


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