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Different Types of Law and What They Are

Laws are implemented and enacted for us to have rules to follow. They exist to regulate our actions and are the controlling influence for us not to commit crimes. Not following the law can lead us to getting penalties and there is more than just one type of law.

It is important for us to know what these laws are for us to not be a victim of a certain situation and that we may use the knowledge to our advantage. Knowing the different branches of law saves us as well by actually not committing mistakes by accident because of not knowing that a certain action is not allowed. There are different types of law that govern us in dealing with specific matters. There are some of the different types of law:

what are the different tyeps of law

The Different Types of Law Include: Criminal Law

Crimes are becoming very rampant and the strict implementation of criminal law helps in toning down or even extinguishing crimes. Criminal law is mainly focused on those that commit crimes. It forbids actions that endanger health, property, moral welfare and safety of the society. Criminal laws are created by legislative bodies who are elected officials. This law shouldn’t be confused with civil law.

Civil Law

Civil law is one of the branches of law that doesn’t focus on punishment or giving penalties. Instead, it focuses more on resolving disputes or compensation to the victims. Civil law may involve disputes such as real estate transactions, contract disputes, employment matters and many others. There usually isn’t any involvement of imprisonment.

However, civil law may impose the payment of financial penalties or fines. The difference between the implementation of the criminal law and the civil law lies with how the two are enforced. In criminal law cases, prosecutors are involved and submits the case themselves to the court. In civil law scenarios, the victims can bring the case themselves to the court.

Administrative Law

Administrative law is one of the types of law that focuses on the executive branch of the government. Administrative law also governs the creation and operation of administrative agencies. An agency may be like the FBI that investigates crimes or another that focuses on aerospace innovation.

the importance of learning different branches of laws

Labor Law

Labor law is a branch of law that is mainly concerned with the connection between the employers and their employees. The matters under this law may include harassment, discrimination of any form or job dismissal without prior detailed notice.

These are but some of the types of law that exists. There are many other branches that focus on specific sets of issues. When you get into a sticky situation, know whether a certain type of law may be applied to you to help you out.

Learning different types of law can always be handy because you’ll never know when you will be able to use the knowledge. Learning different types of law too is vital for you not to actually commit mistakes you didn’t even intend to do on purpose. Remember, the ignorance of law excuses no one.

Stupid Laws in Different Parts of the World

Laws are rules implemented for us to become better civilians and those that fail to follow the law are given penalties. Penalties are implemented for us to make sure we follow the rules. However, there are a lot of laws in the world that are just… stupid. It’s obvious that laws need to make sense but that doesn’t stop stupid laws from being enacted as well.

stupid laws imprison people that are drunk

Stupid Laws in the US

You can’t get a fish drunk in Ohio because it is illegal – When you’re not from Ohio and you and your friends decide to go out for a beer, be sure not to get a fish drunk along with you. Yes, getting a fish drunk in Ohio can get you in trouble because it is illegal.

In the city of Marion in Oregon, you can’t eat a donut and walk backwards when you’re on a city street – Before you visit Oregon, be sure not to do a moonwalk while eating a donut.

In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to sleep on a refrigerator outdoor – Be sure to only sleep on a refrigerator only indoors when you’re in Pennsylvania. There may have already been accidents caused by people sleeping on appliances outside causing this law to be enacted.

Stupid Laws in Asia

When you attempted to commit a suicide and failed, you can be landed in jail in India – Be sure to create a well-organized and well thought out suicide plan when you attempt to kill yourself in India. Failing in doing a successful suicide attempt is illegal and can have you in jail for a year in India.

South Korea has what they call a “Cinderella Law” which prohibits children under 16 years old from playing online games between midnight and 6 am. This does not stop them however from logging in using the accounts of their parents or playing offline games.

In Thailand, it is illegal to leave your house without wearing any underwear – You can’t go commando in Thailand. No one is entirely sure how they go about checking to see if everyone does wear underwear outside but make sure you do in Thailand because it is illegal not to.

prostitution is legal in European laws

Stupid Laws in Europe

In France, it is illegal to name a pig Napoleon – Never name a pig Napoleon in France unless you want to be in jail.
In Holland, prostitution is legal however prostitutes must pay taxes – Prostitution can be a legal business in Holland but like any other legal business, the prostitutes of course have to pay taxes.

Attempting to escape prison is not illegal in Denmark – Unlike other countries, you won’t get additional years to your sentence when you attempt to escape prison. However, if found out, your prison sentence will only be back to its original.

There may be a sensible reason as to why even the most stupid sounding, dumb, strange, ridiculous, funny and crazy laws are created. We can only try to be more mature about understanding why such law has been enacted. Nevertheless, don’t try and challenge laws no matter how crazy or unreasonable they may sound. It’s never a good idea to go against the law strange if they seem stupid.